the music i like is hard to find.  but not because it's hard to find, but because it's what i like.  the radio plays songs i don't like to hear.  but not because it's on the radio.  just because i don't like the songs.  so the music i like happens to be hard to find because it's not on the radio.  if the music was on the radio, it wouldn't be hard to find.  and i would still listen to it.  thank you.
<a> aislers set, american analog set, antarctica, apples in stereo
<b> badly drawn boy, beatles, belle et sebastien, ben folds five, beulah, black star, blackalicious, bra!d, bright eyes, built to spill
<c> cinerama, john coltrane, common
<d> death cab for cutie, del tha funky homosapien, dEUS, dirty three, dressy bessy
<e> eels, elf power
<f>  field mice, flaming lips, fountains of wayne
<g> the get up kids, gerbils, godspeed you black emperor!, gomez, guru
<h> hayden, hefner, ida
<j>  damien jurado
<k> karate, kincaid
<l>  ladybug transistor, looper, low, the lucksmiths
<m>aimee mann, masters of the hemisphere, mazzy star, brother jack mcduff, mendoza line, minders, modest mouse, thelonius monk, morphine
<o> otc, beth orton
<p> pavement, pedro the lion, posies, #poundsign#, archer prewitt, promise ring, pulsars, push kings
<q> quasi
<r>  rachel's, radiohead, rem, red house painters, the roots
<s> sebadoh (lou songs only), silver jews, silver scooter, sloan, elliott smith, songs:ohia, sonic youth, special aviation project, spinanes, spiritualized, starflyer 59, sunny day real estate
<t>  tiara, tortoise
<u> uncle tupelo
<v>  velvet underground
<w> weezer, wheat, wilco, wolfie
<x>  the (e)x
<y>  yo la tengo
<z>  the zombies
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