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"Someday, I want to travel into space, and make discoveries that are so advanced and important that my human brain cannot fathom their application or impact at this point in time." - Bill Culbertson, 1952

Bill always was a dreamer.  That rainy day in Toledo, Ohio launched one of the most prolific careers in science that we have ever been blessed with.  With his discoveries ranging from the pulsating comet field of the 13th moon of Jupiter to the gene splicing of fish, his contributions to science are recognized across the world.  Would all this have ever been possible if Bill hadn't 'liked' science?  I don't think so.  Thus, bill likes science was born on a similarily rainy day in Columbus, Ohio circa 1999. 

Some 47 years have passed since Bill first muttered those prophetic words in Toledo, I have decided that it is my duty to demonstrate the same devotion for recorded and live music that Bill has for science.   So bill likes science like any other musical group, is dedicated to tradition and influence.  It's just that I didn't grow up with the Beatles, I grew up with Bill Culbertson Science Fun Kits and Lab Manuals (copyright). 

bill likes science does not intend to sell lots and lots of records, but we take very seriously the task of carrying on the legacy of Bill to the new generations of the world. 

--john, mary, rachelle, matt