this is the third incarnation of advice for robots radio.  version one was on your traditional radio dial at 101.5 fm in westerville, ohio.  version two was in the form of live in boston, 1999/advice for robots productions - a split broadcast between myself and seth wiener of boston university.  now version three takes over the net with the help of  follow the below directions to hear the madness.
    [10] get winamp.  or sonique.  or real player 7.
    [20] file : play location.
    [30] enter
    [40] run "dance naked with a baked ham."
    [50] goto 40.
    [60] end.
see how easy it is!!!  if you are unsure about line 40, go to and listen to us there.  just search for "advice for robots radio v3.1" and click on the link.  maybe you could listen to both at the same time.  it'd be like weird.  wayne coyne would think you were cool though.  and that really is all that matters.  really.