Advice For Robots/Live in Boston, 1999
<a Russo-Finnish co-production>


Recently, Advice For Robots had it's last show ever on an FM Transmission.  At first I was sad, but now, I'm not so sad because I can still get the word out to the people through Live in Boston, 1999.  Soon, Matt and I will be back in the brodcast music world.  Thanks Seth!  Follow the link to see Seth's Live in Boston, 1999's homepage and follow the directions below to hear the transmission!

Check out the live streaming mpeg-layer3 audio!

First.  Open yr mp3 player(winamp, sonique, real player 7, etc.).
Second.  Go to play location.
Third.  Type in
Fourth.  Don't stop a rockin'.  Don't ever stop a rockin'.
Fifth.  Send me requests.  If we have it, we'll try to oblige.  e-mail

Current looping playlist - "Hope was all I tried to save."  1/13/99
    Bright Eyes - Neely O'Hara
    Damien Jurado - Ohio
    Elliott Smith - Harvest Moon
    Built to Spill - Now and Then
    The Gerbils - Crayon Box
    Portastatic - St. Elmo's Fire
    Pavement - Major Leagues
    Rainer Maria - Atlantic
    Silo The Huskie - Wheeling
    Sunny Day Real Estate - Every Shining Time You Arrive
    Beth Orton - I Wish I Never Saw The Sunshine
    Christie Front Drive - Turn
    Silver Jews - Advice To The Graduate
    Flaming Lips - The Gash
    The Folk Implosion - My Ritual
    Karate - It's 98 Stop
    Masters of the Hemisphere - Everybody Knows Canada
    The Promise Ring - Deep South
    Quasi - Poisoned Well
    Radiohead - Bishop's Robes
    The Zombies - I'll Call You Mine
    Braid - Consolation's Prizefighter
    Yo La Tengo - Sugarcube
    iqu - Whistle
    Sebadoh - Perfect Way
    Silver Scooter - Clarkston, WA
    Push Kings - Diamonds Aren't Forever
    Modest Mouse - Trailer Trash
    Hefner - Love Will Destroy Us In The End
    Gomez - Pickin' Up The Pieces
    Yars Revenge - Always as Grey